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Home Assistant Want to help others? Leave your AI at the door

Today we’re introducing a new rule for the Home Assistant community: it’s no longer allowed to use ChatGPT or other AI systems to help others.

Although these systems generate elaborate and well structured answers, they are wrong. Often they are wrong in subtle ways which only someone with the right expertise could detect. And those people wouldn’t need AI to have written that answer.

We appreciate that people want to help others, but if you don’t have the knowledge, leave it to someone else. Giving an incorrect answer makes things worse. You are wasting everybody’s time, including the person asking the question. Trying out an answer that doesn’t work is frustrating because you think you’re doing something wrong.

Using an AI system to generate an answer while not providing attribution to AI will result in a ban. If you use attribution, we will delete your post and issue a warning. This also means suggesting someone “ask ChatGPT” is not an acceptable response.

If AI systems get better, we will revisit this rule.

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