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You Need to Learn This! Cloudflare Tunnel Easy Tutorial


Cloudflare Tunnels is an amazing technology that can not only replace traditional VPN in many cases, but has a number of distinct advantages. In this video, I discuss those advantages and then go through a complete Cloudflare Tunnels setup from start to finish.

Step-by-step blog post: https://www.crosstalksolutions.com/cloudflare-tunnel-easy-setup/

00:00 Intro
01:06 Cloudflare Tunnels explained
02:06 Cloudflare Tunnel advantages
04:28 Getting Started with Cloudflare Tunnels
07:04 Cloudflare Tunnels step-by-step setup - adding your domain to Cloudflare
11:45 Creating your first Cloudflare Tunnel
16:04 Creating a cloudflared Docker Container on Synology NAS
21:20 Exposing internal LAN services through Cloudflare Tunnels
27:31 Locking down access to Cloudflare Tunnels
32:55 Final thoughts

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