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What's New In Home Assistant February 2024.2 - Multiple improvements


It's February 2024 and Home Assistant 2024.2 will be released on the first Wednesday of the month, This release contains a lot of new exciting features like Improved drag & drop support for automations, Download data from the history dashboard in Home Assistant 2024.2, Shipping on a new Python version, Update entities for ZHA devices, Matter diagnostics and actions in Home Assistant 2024.2, Show all known assist devices, Better errors when using Assist, Custom response in the automation editor when using a sentence trigger, Icons everywhere in Home Assistant 2024.2, Integration authentication issues are now shown in the repairs dashboards, and more noteworthy changes, and new integrations. Let me show what's new in the Home Assistant February 2024.2 release.

Links referred to in this video:
* Join the Home Assistant Release Party here: https://www.youtube.com/live/8-YwXkgD3CY?si=RKq2k7Hp9zizaQR7
* The release notes of 2024.2: https://rc.home-assistant.io/blog/2024/01/31/release-20242/
* The full change log of Home Assistant 2024.2: https://rc.home-assistant.io/changelogs/core-2024.2

Blog version: https://www.smarthomejunkie.net/whats-new-in-home-assistant-february-2024-2-multiple-improvements

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:45 Drag-and-drop in automations
00:01:08 Exporting History Data
00:01:41 Python 3.12
00:01:59 Update Entities in ZHA
00:02:35 More information for Matter devices
00:02:51 Show All Known Assist Devices
00:03:06 Better Assist Error Messages
00:03:21 Custom Response in Assist
00:03:47 Icons everywhere
00:04:20 Authentication Issues Show in Repairs now
00:04:39 Other Noteworthy Changes
00:05:02 New Integrations in Home Assistant February 2024.2
00:05:16 Breaking Changes

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