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This thing is awesome! 4" Android In-Wall Smart Home Control Panel


In this video we will take a look at a device that is perfect for running your smart home/home assistant dashboards! It is a small, 4" Android touch screen that is mains powered and can be installed in a standard electrical pattress box. Out of the box, the device is designed for the Tuya Smart Home platform, however, it came with ADB enabled out of the box so it was trivial to install a standard Android Launcher and Fully Kiosk Browser to run my Home Assistant Dashboard!

Buy from AliExpress (Affiliate): https://geni.us/aVbn7

Note that it seems as though manufacturers are swapping their listings between the Android and Linux versions of these devices. When buying one of these, make sure that the listing doesn't mention Linux or "Alexa Built In" as these devices cannot be unlocked in this way. Ideally focus on listings that explicitly mention Android in the specs or contact the seller to double check.

- Sideloading Apps: https://blakadder.com/t6e-sideload/
- Waking Device using Proximity Sensor: https://blakadder.com/android-panel-proximity/
- Updating WebView: https://blakadder.com/android-panel-webview/


00:00 - Introduction
03:25 - Unboxing & Tour
05:00 - Take care when picking which one to buy!
07:35 - Hardware Tour
09:22 - Initial Power Up
11:14 - Opening it up
16:18 - Unlocking the device!
25:54 - Installing the device
27:10 - Completed software setup
33:54 - Conclusion


Nov 16, 2023 at 5:12 PM
Posted by DC
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