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The UK tax system is a con | Economics | New Statesman


A tax system that allows millionaire Rishi Sunak to pay a lower tax rate than working people is in dire need of reform, says Harry Lambert.

“If everyone in the country understood how the tax code worked, it wouldn't last very long.” - Harry Lambert

Did you know that the burden of council tax is about ten times as heavy in poorer areas as in richer ones? Did you know that Rishi Sunak’s effective tax rate was 23% last year, which is lower than the tax rate you pay if you earn £37,000 in income?

Harry Lambert speaks to Freddie Hayward about his cover story for the New Statesman and explains how the UK’s tax system entrenches inequality, stymies growth, and rewards a few at the expense of the many.

Read the piece here: https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/economy/2023/08/britains-great-tax-con/?ECID=social_yt_traffacq_bau

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