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The Best New Smart Home Gadgets - Massive Unboxing - October


Ready for all the best new smart home devices? This month's massive tech unboxing lineup features Ring, Govee, Divoom, Sinope, Aqara and a number of brand new products you've never seen before. We'll be showcasing everything from smart home ideas with smart lighting, to ways to help seniors and caretakers with the new Altumview Sentinaire 3. Whatever you're looking for, the best new home automation products are here today!

00:00 - Ring 5 Piece Alarm Kit
7:57 - What Amazon's Fall Hardware Event Told Me
8:35 - Govee Christmas String Lights Review
14:33 - I Have Been Waiting Years For This
15:10 - Altumview Sentinaire Review
21:41 - Divoom Times Gate Review
27:49 - Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1 Review
31:02 - Sonoff NSPanel Pro Review
35:14 - Sonoff x Matter is not what you expect
36:58 - Flic Twist Reviewed
47:52 - What Smart Home Hub Do I Use
51:02 - Lutron Paddle Pico Remote Review
55:24 - This Smart Switch Makes Everything Dimmable
58:48 - YouTube Is Making It Tough
1:00:43 - Wait Till You Hear This Thing Speak

About those #Govee #ChristmasLights, they are going to be for sale today in the US, UK, and the EU. Canadians, I do see an Amazon Canada link so you can try the link and see! They're more than Christmas lighting though, as they're working for my Halloween setup, and they'll work as #HolidayLights for the entire year. Enjoy our debut of those here today.
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