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Solar Panels & Batteries: The Ultimate Shipping Container Power Solution


Join Channing McCorriston as he takes you through the intricate details of transforming a 20-foot shipping container into a solar powerhouse capable of energizing an entire town. Dive deep into the engineering, challenges, and the potential applications in the DIY market. Don't miss out on this electrifying experience!


0:00 - Introduction to the 20-foot solar-powered shipping container
0:29 - Background of the $450,000 modified container project
1:00 - Design and construction of the mechanical and climate-controlled rooms
2:57 - Initial challenges in mounting solar panels
4:35 - Redesign and improvements to the solar panel mounting system
5:21 - Transport challenges and learnings
6:17 - Perfecting the panel mounting system
10:10 - Reflection on potential improvements
10:44 - Final tour (solar panels)
13:39 - Final tour (batteries, inverters & climate controller)
18:34 - Final tour (mechanical room)
20:40 - Closing remarks and invitation to subscribe

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