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No Pi? No Problem! Home Assistant on a Cheap Thin Client


Discover how to set up Home Assistant on a Thin Client Computer with this step-by-step guide. Today's video is perfect for those looking to start their smart home journey but are facing supply chain issues with Raspberry Pi. We'll walk you through the hardware requirements, the process of flashing Home Assistant to the hard drive, and configuring Home Assistant for the first time.

No Raspberry Pi? No problem! Our video will show you how a Thin Client Computer can be an excellent alternative for building your smart home.

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▶ Links in Video 🔗:
Kit with all of the Hardware - https://kit.co/ThisSmartHouse/home-assistant-thin-client
Video Blog Post - https://tsh.li/yt97post
Home Assistant Install Docs - https://tsh.li/HAInstall](https://tsh.li/HAInstall
eBay Search for Dell Wyze 5070 - https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=dell+wyze+5070

▶ Timestamps ⌚:
00:00 - Opening
01:16 - Introduction
02:23 - Hardware
05:47 - Flashing Home Assistant
10:02 - First Boot of Home Assistant
11:15 - Initial Setup
13:21 - Final Thoughts

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