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Music Assistant for complete media control


Spotify? YouTube Music? TuneIn? Local files, network media? Yes - Music Assistant can import all of that and create Pro media player out of Home Assistant

We will install and configure Music Assistant, but also see how you can attach network drive to Home Assistant and also retrieve YouTube Music cookie to enable it as media provider for Music Assistant.

00:00 - Intro
00:28 - Music in Home Assistant
01:30 - Installation of Music Assistant
02:40 - What is Music Assistant?!
04:54 - Configuring Music Assistant
09:34 - Synology Media folder Samba share
11:27 - Connect Samba share to Home Assistant
13:36 - Automating Samba share connection
17:32 - Retrieving YouTube Music cookie for Music Assistant

Code used: https://github.com/BeardedTinker/Home-Assistant_Config/issues/96

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