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Jellyfin is Better than Plex and Emby | How to Use Jellyfin to Organize Your Media


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Jellyfin is a program to organize your media. It's similar to Emby and Plex, but it's totally free... even the premium features are completely free. It has a great community and tons of plugins. So, it's what I use to organize movies, anime, shows, etc. It can do music and audiobooks as well.

The best part about this is that you can add several different metadata sources. For anime, I use Anidb, Anilist, and sometimes Kitsu. You can also add fanart.tv. imdb, VGMdb (for video game soundtracks) and a ton more.

Lastly, you can install an opensubtitles plugin that automagically downloads subs for your shows. Here's the links:

Download Jellyfin client and server here: https://jellyfin.org/
Plugin repositories (get more plugins!): https://www.reddit.com/r/jellyfin/comments/ozncze/list_of_all_known_jellyfin_plugin_repositories/
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