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Installing Home Assistant on Synology NAS using VMM

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Thank you for watching. In this video we will demonstrate how to install Home Assistant on Synology NAS as a virtual machine using Virtual Machine Manager - VMM. To establish if your Synology NAS can run VMM, check here - https://www.synology.com/en-us/dsm/packages/Virtualization

It is recommended to increase the memory in your Synology NAS to increase performance if you are planning to run VMM. Check to see what your NAS will support. In some cases, your Synology NAS will support higher memory than ‘officially’ supported. An example is the DS918+ - Synology advises it will take a single 8Gb memory module in addition to the existing 4Gb, however replacing with the 16Gb kits below has been reported to work (unsupported by Synology). Links to some memory kits:
16Gb kit Crucial memory - https://amzn.to/
16Gb kit Timetec Hynix memory - https://amzn.to/
8Gb Crucial memory - https://amzn.to/
8Gb Timetec Hynix memory - https://amzn.to/

Download the Home Assistant OVA file here - https://www.home-assistant.io/installation/alternative

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When browsing to your Home Assistant instance, this is usually - homeassistant.local:8123. If this does not work, try homeassistant:8123. If all else fails, check your router's device listing for the IP address. If you have an SSL certificate set up, remember to use https: in front of the URL.

Chapter links:
0:00 - Intro
0:57 - Installing & Configuring VMM
2:44 - Download OVA File
3:31 - Import OVA & Configure HA VM
5:46 - Launching VM
6:59 - Setting up Home Assistant

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