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I put this in EVERY room! Smart room detection 😲


I put ESPresense around my entire house! Now I can automate based on what room I'm in with my Apple Watch.

Everything Smart Home tutorial: https://youtu.be/p7C2QvmsM8M

Install Espresense: https://espresense.com/firmware
If it says the WiFi doesn't connect, it might be a current bug so look for the device on your network and go to the IP address. Should be fine.
Connect the ESP device to Home Assistant: https://espresense.com/configuration/settings

*Update* Use the IRK for Apple devices. Yes it can work without it but the IRK method is way more accurate.
For Apple watch: https://espresense.com/beacons/apple
For iPhone: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/espresense-device-id-how-to-get-them/403018/15

Then create a sensor in Home Assistant with the Bluetooth ID: https://espresense.com/home_assistant
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