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How to expose Home Assistant publicly (to the internet) with SSL support WITHOUT an NAT loopback!


This tutorial shows you how to get Home Assistant to be available outside your local network; this needs to be done if you want to link Home Assistant to Google Assistant / Alexa without buying a HASS subscription.

A lot of tutorials need a feature on your router enabled called NAT Loopback (or NAT hairpinning) which some providers (such as TalkTalk) don't let you enable as it is considered a "security risk" to them. This tutorial lets you complete this without one so it should work on any provider as long as they let you port forward!

This tutorial is for Home Assistant OS (Hassio) not Home Assistant Core.
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0:00 Intro
0:31 Check to see if running Home Assistant OS
1:23 MAIN TUTORIAL START - Installing NGINX Proxy Manager
2:21 "Port 80 already in use" error message FIX
3:00 NGINX Proxy Manager Start and Web UI Login
3:27 "Bad Gateway" error message FIX
3:41 Create a new user
4:05 Proxy Host setup - part 1
4:22 DuckDNS setup
5:27 Proxy Host setup - part 2
6:45 Port Forwarding
7:31 Proxy Host setup - part 3
8:23 Outro

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