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How to Combine BUTTONS and AUTOMATIONS in Home Assistant - Tutorial


This Home Assistant tutorial is about triggering automations using a custom button and making sure that the button shows the status of the result of the automation. I will show you how to create an automation that turns the power in a specific room on and off at a specific time. Next to that, I will create a button that does the exact same thing while the power status is shown on that button even when the power is switched by the automation. Difficult? No, it's not. I will show you my best practice on how to set this up!

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The code for the button in this tutorial is:
type: custom:button-card
entity: input_boolean.power_room
show_state: false
name: Room
icon: mdi:power
- value: 'on'
color: lawngreen
- value: 'off'
color: grey

* The HACS video is here: https://youtu.be/Q8Gj0LiklRE
* The Trigger IDs video is here: https://youtu.be/fE_MYcXYwMI

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0:00 Introduction
0:57 Explain How buttons and Automations work together with Helpers
3:40 Create the helper
4:32 Show how to install the Custom Button Card
5:34 Create the button
6:31 Connect the button to the helper
7:28 Show that the button responds on the helper
8:06 Create the trigger automation: Automation 1: Power: Turn on Room on weekdays
10:25 Show that the trigger automation activates the helper
11:18 Create the action automation: Automation 2: Power: Toggle Livingroom
14:56 Show that the action automation gets triggered by the switch

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