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How to Add Zigbee Devices in Home Assistant


This video is a bit longer than my previous videos, but there is a log to talk about it.

After getting Home Assistant up and running, the next step is adding devices. Well, maybe it's deciding what devices to add, but if you want to add Zigbee devices, then this is the video for you.

We are going to cover three different ways to get your Zigbee devices into Home Assistant from installing the necessary add-ons, to adding actual devices.

So if Oh the Zigbee is your mantra, then grab your devices, and let's automate some boring stuff.

Video Sections:

00:00 The Ultimate Zigbee and Home Assistant Guide - Intro
00:48 What is Zigbee?
02:12 Zigbee Options in Home Assistant
06:31 Installing Zigbee2MQTT in Home Assistant
17:00 Installing ZHA in Home Assistant
20:11 ZHA versus Zigbee2MQTT
24:21 Wrapping it Up
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