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EufyCam 3C Review - Better Than The Eufy Cam 3? and Homebase 3 Updates Info


Today, we will review the EufyCam 3C, the other cheaper 4K model of the new Eufy Cam 3 Series of cameras. We will do a quick check of its features, unboxing, setup and install and check out its video quality and run our usual tests and see if the Eufy Cam 3C is going to be a good option for your home. I'll also show you more info on the Bionic Mind AI of Eufy's Edge system which centers on the HomeBase 3 and what the ultimate goal of Eufy. I'll also be addressing and testing the sync/reset button issue of the cameras and will be sharing you the timeline of updates for Homebase 3 to be backwards compatible with other older Eufy cameras and devices.

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Features
03:59 Unboxing
04:39 Setup
05:05 Installation
05:20 Settings
07:14 Video Quality
09:03 Notification Speed
10:00 Detection Distance
10:56 Audio and Siren
11:13 Thoughts and other testing

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Sep 26, 2023 at 8:24 PM
Posted by DC
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