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Deep Space Solar Energy and Tesla Semi Fleet! It's ABN September


The month ABN comes with news from outer space. Can we harness solar energy from deep beyond the galaxy? Pepsico has a whole fleet of Tesla Semi's which are achieving amazing distances on single charges. Meanwhile, The Sun are at it again by regurgitating the same old anti-EV headlines out by the bucketload. Also, we hear some myth-busting, battery recycling, electric tugboats and buses, and a floating wind farm.

Tesla Semi energy consumption

Solar Power, from deep space

Myths surrounding the availability of minerals for batteries etc

Canadian Tug Boat

Floating Off Shore Wind Farm

Amtrak Electric Bus

Battery Gigafactories

Battery recycling

0:00 Deep Space Intro
00:26 Welcome And Headlines
01:36 Mad Dog Murdoch's Misinformation
03:18 Tesla Semi
06:06 Caltech and Deep Space Solar
08:52 Myth-busting Minerals
12:00 Canada's First Electric Tugboat
13:05 Floating Wind Farm
16:31 Amtrak's Electric Bus
18:16 Bigger Factories
20:43 IPACE Battery Recycling
22.58 Northvolt

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