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Chinese Diesel Heater Upgrade - Best Improvement Yet..! - Full Installation And Testing.


Do you want to know How To Install A CHINESE DIESEL AIR HEATER? A step by step guide to fitting and upgrading a Chinese Diesel Heater into my off grid motorhome.

I bought the diesel heater kit from Amazon here:

12L Fuel tank from BottomLine Marine:

ALTERNATIVE SPIGOT; Known as a mounting turret.

Additional air ducting & exhaust extension from Amazon:

In this video I show a how I have upgraded my heating system to make things easier and safer.
Although this diesel heater was fitted in my motorhome, it can be on a van or camper just as easily and will work efficiently in these too.

The diesel air heater kit contained all the parts for successfully fitting the diesel fuel tank, the heater unit, diesel exhaust and air pipe work, as well as all the wiring and fittings.

This step by step guide to fitting a Chinese diesel heater took me about one month to install, working the odd evening and weekends - I just took my time.
But, depending on your vehicle, it could be fitted and working in a few days of constant work.
I have been using this cheap Ebay diesel heater for quite a while over winter and it works very well, but thanks to help and advice from Youtube subscribers I have upgraded to a much more convenient and safer system.
The fuel tank upgrade will now give me much more off grid time without needing to refuel.
I also use the cheaper red diesel so I cant tap into the main fuel tank....

00:00 - intro
01:11 - preparing custom cupboard for diesel heater and fuel tank
01:37 - explaining the new diesel heater marine tank
02:37 - why I chose not to use the vehicle diesel tank
03:41 - making the separate diesel tank and heater compartments
04:21 - positioning the diesel heater and pipework
04:40 - fitting the diesel heater into the custom compartment
07:24 - assembling the diesel heater air in, exhaust and fuel pipework
10:07 - main diesel fuel tank filter and piping
11:19 - fitting the heater ducting
11:35 - testing out the diesel heater
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