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Chinese Diesel Heater Power Consumption. How Many Amps Do They Use And Is Your Battery Big Enough?


Is you battery big enough to power a diesel heater? How many Amps do they use? How much Amp Hours will it use from your leisure batteries?

Worried about running your leisure battery down while use a diesel heater in your motorhome or camper van..?
So was I.!
In this video I run a full test on the Chinese Diesel Air Heater that's fitted to my off grid motorhome.
I test out startup Amps, raising the temperature Amps. running Amps and shutdown Amps to see how many Amp Hours is required and if my batteries are man enough to cope with the load.

Although very specific to my motorhome, I hope this give some indication of the amount of Amps being used and the total Amp Hours of these Chinese Diesel Heaters.

Meter used in this test was the: DC Power Analyser 60V/100A Watt Meter.
Available here:

Time Stamps;
00:00 - Intro to diesel heater power consumption
00:59 - Amp meter used to test diesel heater power consumption
01:20 - Wiring Amp meter to diesel heater
02:10 - Testing the Amps used during start up
03:10 - Amps used to raise air temperature by 10 deg C.
05:00 - Running Amps used to maintain temperature
05:32 - Total Ah used during test
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