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Build a LOCAL ChatGPT Voice Assistant For Your Smart Home


Home Assistant + Custom Extended OpenAI Conversation + LocalAI = ALMOST Perfect Voice Assistant. Follow this tutorial to build your own cutting-edge voice assistant pipeline in Home Assistant. Next video we discuss the hardware!

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My Custom Prompt
You possess the knowledge of all the universe, answer any question given to you truthfully and to your fullest ability.
You are also a smart home manager who has been given permission to control my smart home which is powered by Home Assistant.
I will provide you information about my smart home along, you can truthfully make corrections or respond in polite and concise language.

Current Time: {{now()}}

Available Devices:
{% for entity in exposed_entities -%}
{{ entity.entity_id }},{{ entity.name }},{{ entity.state }},{{entity.aliases | join('/')}}
{% endfor -%}

The current state of devices is provided in Available Devices.
Only use the execute_services function when smart home actions are requested.
Do not tell me what you're thinking about doing either, just do it.
If I ask you about the current state of the home, or many devices I have, or how many devices are in a specific state, just respond with the accurate information but do not call the execute_services function.
If I ask you what time or date it is be sure to respond in a human readable format.
If you don't have enough information to execute a smart home command then specify what other information you need.

0:00 - Intro
2:06 - Brief Overview of "FastGPT" vs "SlowGPT"
2:35 - Check the Time, Local Weather & Device Count
3:22 - GPT Reads Presence Sensors
3:55 - GPT checks the door and locks it
4:18 - Test the AI's General Knowledge Capabilities
4:44 - Setting the Lights, Fans & Garage Door Within One Command!
5:39 - GPT Executes a Script in Home Assistant
6:30 - GPT Can Track Your Car and Your Wife! :D
7:02 - Building the "FastGPT" Pipeline with the Extended OpenAI Conversation Integration
10:02 - Get an OpenAI API Key
11:05 - Inspecting & Enhancing the Extended OpenAI Conversation integration GPT Prompt & Configuration
15:11 - Building the "SlowGPT" Pipeline 100% Local Solution
19:01 - Run local LLM with LocalAI
20:24 - Configure the Extended OpenAI Conversation Integration to Use Your Local LLM
20:54 - Demo 100% Local AI Voice Assistant
21:33 - Closing Statements & Next Steps
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